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DIY Bridal Shower Favors

Taylor Hill's bridal shower was on April 22, 2017.

She wanted a favor for her wedding shower that would be meant for her guests' "showers" at home - "From Taylor's Shower to Yours."

What do women love to do? What do they deserve to have more time to do? RELAX. Combine the two thoughts together, and I came up with giving the guests bath salts as a favor.

It's not the easiest to find bulk sizes of bath salts. But after a lot of research, I decided to customize a 10 pound bag of bubble gum bath salt from San Francisco Salt Co. to resemble her wedding theme of gold & blush. Each guest received a 2 oz. glass cork bottle of pink bath salt. Popping the cork and smelling the salt was already relaxing as it was.

The favors were completed with a customized label wrapped around the neck of the glass bottle with gold ribbon.

Designer & Creator: @JoyfulEventsbyJade

Cork Bottles: @Walmart

Bath Salt: @SanFranciscoSaltCo

Gold Ribbon: @Michaels


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